Interior Designing Tips with the Jerusalem-based designer Iris Linden

Interior Designing Tips with the Jerusalem-based designer Iris Linden

Ronit Dowek, CEO, Prosperity Real Estate


I have found an interior designer with a big smile and genuine optimism, who is also a great listener who truly loves people

With 14 years of experience planning and decorating houses, apartments and offices, I can safely say that the best recipe for success will always start with good chemistry between the interior designer and customer.


What are the first steps you take when you take on a new job?

When I take on a new job I take two things into consideration:

  1. Who am I designing for
  2. The environment I am designing


How important is it to get to know the customers?

It’s extremely important to get to know the customers, their lifestyle, habits, passions, family dynamics, and even world view – that’s the place to begin any job. Throughout our interaction, whether it’s a short renovation job or a construction project that lasts months and even years, I become a cardinal organ in the customer’s family, constantly learning and understanding its needs, and planning accordingly.

Matching the design to the environment is the second motif.

My love affair with design begins in an Israeli place. In many cases it’s a Jerusalem story, one that is very deep-rooted. It wouldn’t be right to detach a home from its surroundings, and therefore, you cannot ask for your home to be purely Parisian style, because it would be like announcing “I don’t live in Jerusalem”.

At the same time, overseas inspirations are an integral part of my designs, and I aim to create synergy between the Israeli and international, mixing a Jerusalem style with a contemporary one.

Being familiar with and in command of all the trends, knowing how to integrate them into projects in just the right amounts.



What do you prefer designing? Big houses? Large apartments?

My vast experience has equipped me with the skill to design both large houses and standard-sized apartments. I combine sophisticated woodwork in my designs, the kind of furniture you see in magazines, to render a regular apartment spacious, and a large house – intimate and warm, even if its style of design has a modernist flavor. Planning woodwork and choosing materials are, in fact, two of my favorite topics. Creating something out of nothing, delving deep into the details, seeing how layer after layer, how inspiration and ideas, produce breathtaking designs.

I began my way through the world of design as a lighting designer, and that is probably why I find that one of the most important stages in the design process is to plan lighting correctly and carefully select the fixtures; combining different materials, such as metals, glass, and textiles. A mix of lights from various sources in a single space will ultimately give character to the designed area.


How would you define your designing style?

I’m a diverse designer, I design in all styles. I am good at connecting to the customer’s dream and making it come true, while injecting myself, and my personal taste, into the designing style. Getting to know my customers well allows me to connect to each one’s style, and tell their own unique story.


Since, at times, you need to meet a customer’s requirements that clash with your own taste, what do you like, what guides you, and how do you reconcile the two?

I like a harmonious house, designing in one language, and then, adding a surprising element – a twist in the design that gives the house interest and depth, mysteriousness or diversity. To, in fact, give the house, apartment or office the feeling of belonging to its owner, its inhabitants’ uniqueness.


Iris, what is your dream?

My dream? I live the dream every single day. I make my dreams come true by leading others to make their dreams come true. If a customer of mine, who often spends a night at some of the most beautiful hotel suites in the world, tells me that the bedroom suite I had designed for her is more beautiful, comfortable and pleasant than any room in any mansion she had ever stayed at, or when customers tell me that ever since they moved to their new or renovated home, they feel like they’re living the dream, that makes me happy. The fact that I can wake up each morning and engage in connecting between people, environments and beauty – is a dream come true.


My work and personal meetings with Iris have led me to the realization that a good designer needs to have good taste, knowledge of materials, the ultimate creativity, and above all, a harmonious place where the living experience can be both practical and spiritual. That’s why interior designers must be people-persons, who can truly listen to their customers, and then take their talent and use it to make the property owner’s dream come true.

Without a doubt, help from the right professionals makes the whole experience pleasant and efficient, and even saves you money.


Good luck!

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