Greek Colony Boutique Project

Greek Colony 147
Greek Colony Boutique Project

The building is one of the earliest in the neighborhood, amongst the first 20 buildings built. It is a residence of one of the families of the Greek Orthodox community. Today, 3 new floors have been added above the historic building, as well as a basement, elevator and ma”madim (secure rooms). The original building is a one storey, rectangular building with an addition, and is covered in Jerusalem stone
chiseled in the Mizzy pattern in both the Taltish and Tubze styles.
The building facades are unique, and combine layers and “columns” dressed in the Tubze style together with planes chiseled in the Taltish style. In addition, there is a stone panel encircling the house in Tubze.
This design sets apart the building from the other houses in the neighborhood, and gives the structure a rural, rustic feel.
All openings in the structure have lintels with a flat stone arch and the entrance to the building is designed as a wide portico set back in the stone with a wide arch and two windows on either side of the front door. The new floors, which were added, have preserved the front façade’s unique elements, from the placing of the openings and the arches above them, to the various stone chiseling styles emphasizing the corners of the building. The building is a boutique building built to a high building standard.

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