Yehoshafat 13, Greek Colony

Jerusalem 166
Yehoshafat 13, Greek Colony

The Residence at 13 Yehoshafat

Tama 38 Project strengthening and upgrading an existing 3 story building, with 7 apartments.

As part of the project, two new floors will be added which will include 3 luxury apartments on one floor and a full floor penthouse  on the upper floor with rich technical specifications and high level of equipment,  private parking and storage.

The existing building will undergo an external and internal upgrade, including: a new lobby, an elevator that includes a Shabbat command plan and renovation of the entrance area.

פרויקט חדרים גודל במ"ר גודל גן תוכנית Pdf
Apt #8 2 42 SQM
APT #9 3 73 SQM 6 SQM balcony
APT #10 6 122 6 SQM balcony
Penthouse 6 118 SQM 128 SQM terrace
מפת הנכס

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