• Loren Rosenzweig We had been looking for years for an apartment in Israel, especially Jerusalem.  Finally I was referred to Ronit.  After sending me many emails with possible properties, she honed in on what we wanted. From the time we made the offer until the papers were signed, Ronit knew how to get the deal to happen.  Her office is very helpful and knowledgeable as well.  As far as I'm concerned, she is the most effective real estate broker in Jerusalem, if not Israel. Loren Rosenzweig Newton, Massachusetts
  • Sora and Shlomo Brasil Dear Ronit, We want to thank you for all your help in our search for an apartment. We tried other agents and none were as great as you were. You were able to understand our needs and desires for an apartment in Jerusalem. You were persistent in our search and would not give up until we found one that was perfect for us. You negotiated the price for us and treated us like family. We could not have been happier. I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. You are THE BEST. Thank you for everything. Hatslacha, Sora and Shlomo Brasil Long Island, New York
  • Michael & Atara Reichel Dear Ronit, Atara and I decided to use prosperity real estate brokers because of your great reputation of finding the right home for your clients and your unmatched bargaining power. Our experience was truly a pleasure working with you. We found someone who listened to our concerns, worked with us to the find the place we wanted and not what another broker was trying to sell. You were our advocate in negotiating with the builder and your involvement throughout the negotiations and more impressively after the contract was signed, is indicative to the professionalism and “menshlechkeit” that you display. In addition, you truly negotiated amazing specifications from the builder and saved us significant money due to your personal involvement. Your insights and ability to synergize our lawyer and architects ideas with your background in building really helped us create the wonderful home we were dreaming of. We have highly recommended your company to our friends and will continue to do so as the year's progress. Atara and I wish you beracha vehatzlacha and feel free to add us to your official list of satisfied customers. Michael & Atara Reichel
  • Uzi Sagir To: Prosperity Real Estate team Dear Friends, You are real professionals! While you belong to the world of real-estate brokers you behave more like angels. Both you, Ronit, and you, Yosi, complement and complete each other. Your faith, consistency and stick-to-it-tiveness yielded the desired result. I thank you very much for your effort and for going the extra mile. I sincerely believe that without your determination the deal would have not materialized. Above and beyond the business aspect, I feel I gained two good friends. More power to you and may you continue to be the best! Brokers like you are not an everyday find. With friendship and gratitude, Yours truly, Uzi Sagir
  • Lucy Blaser Dear Ronit, It will soon be a year since I've moved into my new flat, and I finally have the time for reflection. I look at my amazing flat and think of all the people who helped me get here. Of course, you came into mind and I would like to thank you at this time, again. Looking for a flat, a home, is one of the most unbalancing experiences one can go through, and you made the experience not only an enjoyable one, but also an extremely efficient one. I met with other real estate agents and none of them had your "touch" -- an understanding of the person standing in front of you and their needs. I think that you have been blessed with a gift of tuning-in to people, and putting in the hard work to make sure that all are happy. You should know that it was most appreciated. Whenever anyone asks me who was my real estate agent and what do I think of her, my answer is always the following:   1. Ronit is wonderful. Not only is she a lovely person but also she never took me to see one thing that wasn't appropriate. 2. If Ronit doesn't think that the flat feels right she'll let you know and won't let you buy something just to make a quick buck. There is an integrity which is generally sorely lacking in the field of real estate. 3. You'll never find a better negotiator.(And just a side note: I do believe Ronit, that if you were negotiating peace with the Palestinians, we'd already be celebrating...) Thank you again for everything! With much appreciation, Lucy Blaser
  • Elaine and Lou Pollack This is to compliment you on the quick and excellent service you performed for us in the recent sale of our property.Rest assured we would recommend with pleasure your services to anyone who may require the assistance of a real estate sales firm.With kindest regards and best wishes, Elaine and Lou Pollack Miami, Florida, USA  
  • Betsy and Ben Lopata   We purchased a beautiful apartment in Rechavia through Ronit and Prosperity Real Estate in 2005.  Ronit was a pleasure to deal with.  She was very responsive, knew the Jerusalem market very well, and helped make our purchase a very smooth one.  She was always available to answer questions via phone or email and was very quick to follow up.  We would strongly recommend Ronit and Prosperity to anyone looking to purchase a home in Jerusalem. Betsy and Ben Lopata.
  • Allen and Judy Lebovits Dear Ronit, We just want to express our gratitude to you for helping us to fulfill not only a dream of owning a home in Israel, but also a very great mitzvah. We searched for an apartment for a few years, but it was your patience and drive that led us to our beautiful new place. You instilled a trust and helped us throughout the entire process, even after we already completed our purchase. We thank you and wish you the strength to help those of us in galut eventually join all of you in Eretz Yisroel. Allen and Judy Lebovits, New York
  • Jeffrey and Naava Parker Several years ago when we contemplated the idea of purchasing an apartment in Jerusalem, a name that was consistently provided to us to use as a real estate broker was Ronit Dowek and Prosperity Real Estate. We, together with our children, went to Israel and called Ronit. Never ever were we disappointed! Throughout the entire process of looking, selecting, negotiating and closing on the apartment of our dreams, Ronit was there with us every step of the way. Her insight, persistence, knowledge and "hand holding" coupled with her integrity made for a successful as well as a very pleasurable experience! In short, it was a delight getting to know Ronit as well as working so closely with her and her very able team at Prosperity! Jeffrey and Naava Parker Englewood, New Jersey  
  • Jacob Confortee Dear Ronit, Prosperity is abundance, fruitfulness, and success. It is just like you, who gives personal treatment and all the “NESHAMA”. Phones, inquiries, investigations, running around -- you do it all, just to see a happy client. I am only left to wish you many successes indeed, since it is really what you deserve. Yours truly, Jacob Confortee
  • Alon Levintz I would like to thank you for the effective, professional and kind service you have given me, and above all for your honesty and integrity that determined the success of this deal. More power to you. With great respect and a blessing for a happy holiday, Alon Levintz  
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