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About us

We act in the belief that both business and personal goals can be achieved by nurturing collaborations, creativity, and integrity to constantly drive results for our clients.

Prosperity Real Estate is a boutique agency, founded in 2000 by Ronit Dowek and managed by her successfully up to date.
Prosperity has been dominating the Jerusalem upscale real estate market for over two decades, and throughout the years has also branched out to other markets across Israel.
Prosperity takes pride in over hundreds of real-estate deals which have successfully come through thanks to the agency’s involvement.
Prosperity accompanies real-estate entrepreneurs, private investors as well as companies and funds both from Israel and abroad connecting between all parties for the benefit of various projects across Israel; ranging from hotels, urban renewal, commercial properties and yielding transactions. In parallel Prosperity gives top-notch services to its private clients helping them buy and sell properties either for living or investment.

Prosperity Agency provides its clients with a personalized and customized service throughout the entire deal flow in order to ensure the actualization of every deals’ maximum potential, all while putting emphasis on each client’s unique needs and requirements. Prosperity collaborates with leading professionals and assist its clients by connecting them to top lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, engineers, mortgage consultants, constructers, appraisers and more, all with expertise and a reputation to follow. At such, Prosperity is able to provide inclusive services based on years of expertise and collaborations.

Over the years, Prosperity has created partnerships in the benefit of both commercial and private development in Israel and abroad. Most of the ventures were brought about by Ronit and her clients who have a trusted relationships based on many years of work together.
Prosperity is a dynamic and agile agency constantly developing and growing based on clients requirements and ever shifting trends in the market. By understanding the intricacies of the real-estate sector and each client’s needs, Prosperity is able to apply its vision with multiple collaborations, years of expertise and a dedicated team working day and night out of an in depth understanding that they hold the key to their clients success.

Prosperity Agency takes pride in the fact that most of its clientele are returning costumers or referral costumers. This acts as testament to our service signature which is based foremost on trust and personal relationship. In addition this is the driving force behind Prosperity’s motivation to keep bringing successful projects to our clients as recognition to the main factor which has caused Prosperity to grow over the years.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and assisting in making your real-estate dreams come true.


Meet The Team

Ronit Hayon Dowek, Founder & CEO

Ronit is the founder of Prosperity Real Estate and has 30+ years of experience as a broker and development marketer. Established the marketing department in the "Amana" settlement movement, which built thousands of housing units in Israel, she then continued her path as SVP of one of the leading real estate franchises in Israel. In 2000, after gaining years of experience, Ronit founded Prosperity Real Estate Agency which prides itself on fairness, transparency with uncompromising and professional services to all customers while ensuring special attention to each individual client and their needs. Ronit works with a variety of clients, amongst them, private Anglo-Saxon investors who come to Israel with a sense of Zionism and see in Ronit their personal extension for all real-estate matters across Israel. In addition Ronit works alongside private and corporate ventures which recognize her experience, knowledge, expertise and phenomenal negotiation skills and solicit her services out of faith that she can overcome any obstacle for them and see a project through successfully. Ronit was born and raised in Jerusalem, she was inspired from a young age by her father Uri Hayun who specialized in building prestigious customized housing projects back in 1960. From adulthood, Ronit understood that her passion lies in real-estate and decided to continue in her father's footsteps- taking those ambitions to the next level. Ronit is a mother of 3, her son Tomer is a lawyer and acts as SVP of business development in the family agency they now run together. Amongst her occupation as broker and real-estate developer Ronit is also a prominent lecturer, writes poetry and sports a passion for connecting people together.


Tomer Dowek Adv., SVP of Strategic Business Development

Coming from an established line of real-estate developers, Tomer started his career with Prosperity back at 2010 in parallel to his law studies as well as private ventures he was involved in. upon completing his degree, Tomer took office at Jerusalem based leading law firm specializing in real-estate and development. His entrepreneurial spirit alongside a passion for real-estate led Tomer to join the founding team of the first WeWork building in Jerusalem. After gaining further experience he rejoined Prosperity as SVP of business development and overlooks the company's growth and strategies. Tomer brings to the agency a young and vibrant energy breathing life into new ventures and utilizing agile methodologies to grow the agency's strategies. As a lawyer whose expertise lie in real-estate development and planning, Tomer provides an added value to the company as well as its clients as he is able to advise further on the integral details of each venture. Throughout his career, due to his outstanding interpersonal skills and his ability to drill down to each client's precise needs and requirements, Tomer has procured a network of private developers, entrepreneurs, investors, funds and companies that have hired his services and garnered his trust to manage their ventures in Israel and particularly in Jerusalem. Tomer's passion is stemmed from his tenacity to see his clients deals pull through successfully. Tomer is constantly on the lookout for the next best opportunity for his partners and clients. He is driven by the values of high work ethic, perseverance, fairness, integrity, authenticity, full transparency and professionalism. Tomer resided in Har-Adar with his wife and two children. Aside from being a lawyer and broker Tomer holds a mediator certificate, he is also an avid sports enthusiast, enjoys reading books and cooking meals for friends and family in his free time.


Sarah Atwood – Office Manager

Sarah Atwood is an experienced and talented office manager who began her journey in the real estate world as an administrative manager in 2007 at a leading law firm specializing in real estate, planning, and construction. She started her role at Prosperity Real Estate in 2024.In addition to managing the office and working with all the service providers and colleagues with whom Prosperity Real Estate works with, Sarah places great emphasis on maintaining strong client relationships both locally and internationally, providing professional and uncompromising service. Coming from an Anglo-Saxon background, Sarah has an intimate understanding of the needs of the office's clients. With her wide range of skills, Sarah seamlessly integrates her real estate experience with creativity, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail, all rooted in a commitment to excellence and high management standards for the benefit of the office's clients.


Why work with us?

People First

we believe that investing in relations with our clients, vendors and partners to establish trust is the foundation for any successful project.


We act professionally by drilling down each detail and analyzing all variables, while maintaining honesty and transparency each step of the way.

Innovation & Creativity

Thinking outside of the box and being agile and flexible are key for finding solutions in an ever changing real estate landscape.


we walk the walk- with a team of determined and agile professionals we are able to overcome obstacles and pave the way to reach our goals.


we believe that a personalized process accompanied step by step enhances the prospect for satisfying and better deals.


We are result driven and operate out of a high sense of responsibility for the welfare of our clients and partners.
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