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Balfour, Rechavia

3 Rooms  |  1 Bathrooms  | 67 SQM Price : 3,590,000 NIS

Hizkiyahu HaMelech 5 – German Colony

5 Rooms  |  2.5 Bathrooms  | 150 SQM Price : 7,650,000 NIS

Gad Tedeski, Arnona

5 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 116 SQM Price : 4,400,000 NIS


5 Rooms  |  3.5 Bathrooms  | 200 SQM

Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv

4 Rooms  |  3.5 Bathrooms  | 129 SQM Price : 6,500,000 NIS
Garden Apartment

Garden Apartment , German Colony

6 Rooms  |  3.5 Bathrooms  | 171 SQM Price : 13,800,000 NIS

Rova One, Kiryat Moshe

5 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 128 SQM Price : 4,500,000 NIS
Old Arab House

HaRakevet, Baka

Price : 11,000,000 NIS

Bareket 19, Mevaseret

9 Rooms  |  4 Bathrooms  | 365 SQM Price : 10,800,000 NIS

Bet Hakerem

4 Rooms  |  3.5 Bathrooms  | 175 SQM Price : 10,000,000 NIS
Seafront Luxury Project

Dor Dor Ve’dorshav

676 SQM Price : $ 9,250,000
Last apartments left for sale!
360° View

San Simon – Penthouse

5 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 200 SQM Price : 16,900,000 NIS

Tchernichovsky St., Old Katamon

6 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 203 SQM Price : 9,700,000 NIS

Zamenhof St. , Mammila

6 Rooms  |  4 Bathrooms  | 292 SQM Price : $ 8,000,000

German Colony Penthouse

8 Rooms  |  4 Bathrooms  | 300 SQM Price : $ 4,600,000

Villa on Dubnov 13 – Talbiyah

8 Rooms  |  4.5 Bathrooms  | 307 SQM Price : 18,900,000 NIS

Graetz, German Colony

5 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 200 SQM Price : $ 3,950,000

Har Adar Villa

10 Rooms  |  5 Bathrooms  | 500 SQM Price : 12,000,000 NIS

Ben Neria, Nachlaot

3 Rooms  |  4 Bathrooms  | 150 SQM Price : 6,250,000 NIS

Keren Hayesod 25, Talbiyeh

4 Rooms  |  1.5 Bathrooms  | 105 SQM Price : 3,500,000 NIS

Tschernihovsky 5A, Katamon

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 101 SQM Price : 4,400,000 NIS

HaRav Brody 3, Kiryat Shmuel

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 95 SQM Price : 4,500,000 NIS

HaRav Brody 3, Kiriyat Shmuel

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 95 SQM Price : 4,150,000 NIS
TAMA 38 - Penthouse

HaRav Brody 3, Kiriayt Shmuel

7 Rooms  |  4 Bathrooms  | 224 SQM Price : 10,300,000 NIS

Kiryat Moshe

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 107 SQM

Kiryat Moshe

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 107 SQM

kiryat moshe

3 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 78 SQM

Shlomo Tsemah , Beit Hakerem

3 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 75 SQM Price : 3,500,000 NIS

Mevo Harkabi – Talbiyeh

5 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 195 SQM Price : 16,000,000 NIS

Tura – Yemin Moshe

8 Rooms  |  330 SQM Price : 12,000,000 NIS

Hapalmach, Old Katamon

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 105 SQM Price : 5,500,000 NIS

Greek Colony – Penthouse

4 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 155 SQM Price : 9,450,000 NIS

Diskin 11, Wolfson Towers, Shaarei Chessed

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 104 SQM Price : 3,600,000 NIS

Penthouse on David Marcus St. Talbiyeh

5 Rooms  |  4.5 Bathrooms  | 300 SQM

Fishman 4, Herzliya

8 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 274 SQM Price : 9,000,000 NIS

Derech Bet Lechem 158 – New Talpiot

4 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 131 SQM Price : 3,800,000 NIS

HaZefira 9- German Colony

3 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 76 SQM Price : 2,760,000 NIS

Yehoshua Bin Nun – Greek Colony

6 Rooms  |  3 Bathrooms  | 200 SQM Price : 10,000,000 NIS

Wolfson Towers – Shaarei Chessed

3.5 Rooms  |  2 Bathrooms  | 129 SQM Price : 3,500,000 NIS

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homes for sale jerusalem

Houses in Jerusalem

In recent years, we have noticed a sharp trend in the Israeli real estate market. More and more investors are looking for houses in Jerusalem for investment. How did the capital of Israel become one of the most coveted investment destinations? Here we will explain more about all the opportunities that Jerusalem holds.

A city in constant growth

There are many reasons why investing in real estate in Jerusalem is a worthwhile investment, but there is one main reason that makes investing in houses in Jerusalem lucrative – Jerusalem, which already has about 900,000 residents who make up about 10% of the country’s population, is a growing city.

That is, it is a city with an ever-growing population, in a significantly higher rate compared to other cities. Therefore, it is a fertile ground for future demand. But not only will the demand for apartments In Katamon , Jerusalem increase, but also prices are expected to rise in the future due to a significant shortage of land available in the city. This fact holds a promise to a giant leap in return and demand in the future.

The most profitable assets in the country

One of the important indicators that can indicate the profitability of the real estate transaction is the yield index – the rate of income from the property. Indeed, in 2018 in the Jerusalem District, the rate of return on small apartments increased by 9% and the percentage of return on three to four room apartments increased by 10%.

A diverse population expands real estate options

When we choose real estate, we are looking for the right living environment for us. The chances of finding it in Jerusalem are especially high thanks to the heterogeneous population living in the city – young families, students, established population, religious and secular, where everyone can find their place.

This is your chance to find the asset of your dreams, contact us now and learn how.



Homes in Jerusalem

In the current situation, holding a possibility for price declines, due to the Covid-19 crisis, the investor takes on more risk. In real estate investing as in any investment – the higher the risk, the higher the current return should be. However, the levels of gross yield in Israel today are around 3% per year on average – not something that leaves us in awe. Even the slightest drop in prices can result after several years in negative return. The good news is that there are still several neighborhoods where you can still get 5% return and sometimes even more. Are homes in Jerusalem going to be the next big thing?

The stable choice for your next investment

In order to achieve a high rental yield, two elements are required: Low real estate prices and rental prices that are relatively reasonable for the environment. Rental prices are dictated and supported by demand, so neighborhoods that do not have a stable and continuous demand may be a risky investment – there is a clear danger that the apartment will stand empty for many months or will eventually be rented at full price. Therefore, it is crucial that we will look for neighborhoods like German Colony, Jerusalem with high demand. However, when we will manage to find homes in Jerusalem, in such areas, we may discover that we can enjoy the highest yields in the Israeli market.

Demand is expected to continue to rise

Jerusalem is today considered one of the most coveted locations in Israel. Good neighborhoods close to the city center such as Beit Hakerem or Talbiyeh are becoming a magnet for affluent families from Israel and abroad which are willing to pay high rents to enjoy the quality of life in the area. For us, as investors, this is a promise of very handsome profits in the future, and we should take this opportunity while it is still accessible.



Homes for sale in Jerusalem Israel

An investment apartment is a very profitable and lucrative source of income, holding the option of fixed monthly income from renting and selling at a high profit when the time arrive. However, buying an apartment in Talbiya, Jerusalem for investment is something that must be done wisely, starting with your decision where to buy the property. Here are a few points you should consider.

The benefits of buying an apartment for investment in Israel

On the face of it, one might deduce that there is no reason to invest in apartments in Israel and that it is always better to invest in apartments abroad, but in fact there are several advantages for buying an apartment in Israel, which cannot be ignored:

The rise in prices in inevitable

The Israeli real estate market demonstrates a stable increase and on a much higher scale compared to other western countries. Therefore, if you buy an apartment for investment in Israel, there is a probable chance you will be able to sell it at a greater profit in a few short years.

Low interest rates

In Israel, it is possible to take out a mortgage in very convenient terms and relatively low interest rates.

You will have a team of experts at hand

When it comes to homes for sale in Jerusalem Israel, the Prosperity Real Estate team is your natural selection. Since day one, we strived to build the most prestigious, profitable, and unique assets portfolio in Israel and be the perfect invertor’s one-stop-shops for once in a lifetime investment in Israel.

We are proud and thrilled to join forces with you and serve as dependable partners in your search for your big investment in the Israeli real estate market. Our past success speaks for itself. Check out our recent projects and contact us now for further details.


Homes for sale in Jerusalem

Many investors in Israel have already become aware of this simple fact – Jerusalem is becoming one of the most promising investment destinations. However, focusing your search on the ideal property in SHaarei Hessed, Jerusalem is just the starting point. Not all properties in Jerusalem were born equal. To get the most out of your next investment, knowledge and familiarity of the market is required. Prosperity Real Estates real estate wizards have prepared a quick guide to finding homes for sale in Jerusalem.

What constitutes an ideal asset?

So where should you buy an apartment for investment in Jerusalem? There are a number of criteria that should interest you:

Proximity to the city center

Jerusalem’s city center is a bustling and lively area that offers a variety of services and cultural experiences. However, Jerusalem is also the largest city in Israel and many neighborhoods may be far away from shopping and entertainment centers. Therefore, one of the main factors that affect the value of the property, is its proximity to the city center and as a result – to the Old City. Properties with a view of the old city usually offer the most handsome profits and their increase in the future is guaranteed.

Are there any urban renewal projects planned in the area?

Israel is currently at the height of its urban renewal momentum and Jerusalem is one of the main focal points of this trend. The Jerusalem urban space is changing its face dramatically and many properties are undergoing extensive renovation and expansion. Property owners in buildings undergoing urban renewal enjoy safer, more up-to-date property and above all – much more profitable.

Calculate the estimated return

Check how many apartments are rented in the area that interests you and calculate the return by dividing the total annual rent by the price of the property. A good return ranges from 3 to 6 percent for an apartment in Israel.



Apartments for sale in Jerusalem

How will I know what I’m getting into? Many of us who are about to buy an apartment are debating this question. In this article, we will discuss the preliminary checks that it is recommended to perform before buying an apartment, so as not to encounter surprises after you receive the apartment. Many of these checks require professional services to ensure our assets reliability. The work we will put in today, will return itself for years. So what we should consider when we look for apartment in Rehavia, Jerusalem? Here are a few aspects you can’t miss.

Appraise your asset’s value.

A crucial aspect when buying apartments for sale in Jerusalem is the price you pay. The price you pay is also relevant to the percentage of financing you will receive from the bank, in case you take out a mortgage. The job of the real estate appraiser, who is sent by the bank from which you take the mortgage loan, is to make sure that the value of the apartment you are buying matches the amount of the loan you are getting from the bank. Thus, in case God forbid you do not meet the mortgage repayments, the bank will be able to guarantee the repayment of the loan through the sale of the apartment. In addition to the economic value of the apartment, the appraiser checks the suitability of the apartment for the building permit and the existence of construction anomalies that may affect the value of the apartment.

Explore your funding options.

Financing is another important part in your preliminary planning before buying the apartment. It is recommended to use the services of a mortgage adviser who will build the right loan plan for you from the variety of plans that the banks offer. In addition, it will hold an interest rate tender for you between the various banks in connection with the level of interest paid to the bank for the loan.


Houses for sale in Jerusalem

The real estate market in Israel has always been considered a lucrative and attractive investment channel. The inherent instability in the financial markets, combined with the ever-growing demand for housing solutions in Israel, made real estate the most preferable choice. When looking for an apartment for investment it is important to find up-to-date information on projects in major cities like Jerusalem, which is considered today as a major target investors flock to. So which areas should we scout for houses for sale in Jerusalem? Here’s what you should know.

Why so many investors are looking for houses for sale in Jerusalem?

Until a few years ago, investors chose to focus on residential real estate properties, mainly in central localities, usually in large cities like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva. To make sure you make considerable profits from renting your asset, it is important to bear in mind several crucial factors such as supply and demand, access to major transportation arteries, close and efficient public transportation, etc. It is also important to consider factors such as proximity to educational institutions and quality of life in the area.

In recent years, investors have begun to discover the viability of investing in houses for sale in Jerusalem, since real estate prices in the city are particularly high and most young people and families are unable to purchase a property due to low equity, creating a high demand for rental apartments.

A wise and profitable investment in Jerusalem

There are a variety of projects in attractive locations and affordable prices that allow investors like you to earn a high return and enjoy an increase in the Jerusalem residence value The new and prestigious projects in Derech Beit Lechem 158 or Hapalmach 3, holds a promising potential for future investors.

Want to learn more? Contact us now.



Jerusalem real estate

Are you considering buying a property soon? Many investors have long marked German Colony, Jerusalem as a lucrative target for their upcoming pursuits. Whether you are interested in purchasing a property for your family, for your newly married son or daughter, or perhaps some property for future investment, there are many good reasons why you should consider Jerusalem. Here’s what Prosperty Real Estate’s experts have to say.

Jerusalem real estate offers unmatched quality of life

If you have never lived in Jerusalem before, you should know that buying Jerusalem real estate will definitely upgrade your quality of life. Jerusalem is abundant with cultural and culinary experience, offers a unique urban landscape, and of course – the Old City, the markets and much more.

In addition, Jerusalem’s nightlife just keeps flourishing, with bars, cafes and restaurants, and various cultural and entertainment centers. The city never ceases to amaze every time anew.

The best return for Israeli real estate

There is a huge variety of prestigious projects available today in Jerusalem, and new buildings are built every year. The potential return on such projects is astronomical. The demand for housing in the beautiful neighborhoods of Jerusalem is only rising. Properties in Rehavia, Talbiyeh, and Beit Hakerem are considered highly sought-after properties.

Real estate jewels that will amaze you

When it comes to Jerusalem real estate jewels are just everywhere. Everywhere you look, you can find unique buildings available in stunning locations. Villas with a view of the Old City, garden apartments decorated with Jerusalem stones, luxury apartments, just a short walk distance from the Western Wall. It seems like this city is just full of surprises.

To get the best investment opportunities in the market, we at prosperity real estate are at your disposal. Let us guide you through the magic of Israel’s ancient capital and find your new and exciting investment.

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